Shashi Warrier

Shashi Warrier is the author of The Hidden Continent, Suzy’s Gift and five thrillers: Night of the Krait, The Orphan Diaries, Sniper, Noordin’s Gift, and The Girl Who Didn’t Give Up. Hangman’s Journal is a semi-fictional biography of the last hangman of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore and The Homecoming is a novel based in Kashmir. He has also written a political satire, The Pillow Talk Movies, and a murder mystery, The Man Who Wouldn’t Be God. He is currently working on a non-fictional account of a 40-day, 11000-km motorcycle ride across the country. His new books are By God and Sara.

Magical Tales From The Hidden Continent by Shashi Warrier

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India
Rights: European and Indian Language rights available

Series Blurb Why a ‘M’ series? Much of what makes for a masterful story starts with the letter M… Mysteries, Magic, Monsters! The M series promises to be a marvelous mix of all three. Book Blurb Many years ago, the Lord of All Magic, fed up with the intrusion of humans into the lives of magical beings, withdrew to a continent in the middle of the Pacific Ocean that he hid, by magical means, from the sight of all humans outside. As the two tales from the hidden continent show, life with magical creatures can never be dull…

The author: Shashi Warrier



By God by Shashi Warrier

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Category: Fiction
Publisher: Fingerprint
Rights: World rights available

The bombs fall at the right places but there are unforeseen consequences, as a result of which the Keeper takes over a Ghublistan shorn of its resources and sliding backwards into the insular society that it used to be….

Ghublistani society has existed untouched for centuries, The remote island of Ghublistan has its own rules, its own social hierarchy, and, best of all, its own little herb, grown in the Divine Garden, that soothes and calms its users when its smoke is inhaled or its brew drunk. When Americans discover that the island has a huge population of bats, and that the guano of those bats is the best natural fertilizer in the world, things change. A fertilizer plant is set up along with a port and soon there are whispers of a strange new political system called democracy.

The Keeper of the Divine Garden, assisted by his barber, is sent forth to discover more about democracy. Their travels cover the largest democracy, India, the oldest democracy, the US, and, in between, a democracy run in the name of a God, Pakistan. On this voyage, the keeper has an unfortunate incident with a yoga teacher in India and gets trailed by the intelligence agencies in Pakistan. Moving to US, where a new president has just taken office, he discovers that all the scriptures except Ghubla’s speak of the destruction of most of mankind, and the rescue of a select few, he takes to mean that people everywhere but in Ghublistan will be destroyed and the Prophet of Ghublistan will be the new Messiah.

Am sure you’ll want to find out how the plot unravels….

The author:  Shashi Warrier