Sudhir Ahluwalia

Sudhir Ahluwalia is a ex TATA business consultant with more than two decades of experience in the Indian Forest Service studying natural ecosystems. Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants is his second book. He is a columnist who writes in the US based leading global natural products industry publication – natural products insider. His web page is

Holy Herbs: Modern Connections to Ancient Plants by Sudhir Ahluwalia

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Category: Non-fiction/ Healthy-living & Wellness
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With the growing trend towards ‘organic’ products and ‘coming back to nature’ worldwide, the rising interest in herbs and herbal remedies, in culinary use, health products, medicine, cosmetics, and religious rituals is not surprising. A wide audience shares the fascination for Mother Earth’s generous bounty.

Herbs have a long history and find a mention in ancient texts. Do herbal products have relevance in modern medicine, such as in the treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, and so on?

This book explores the historical, cultural, religious, and scientific connection between the East and the West. With the author’s exposure to forestry training and research and knowledge drawn from the bible, perhaps one of the biggest references for herbs, Holy Herbs stands at the right spot for tracing a global history of herbs from ancient to modern times.