Sumit Chakraberty

Sumit Chakraberty has worked as a journalist for over thirty years, with stints at Indian Express, The Times of India, BiTV, UTV and, most recently, DNA, where he was the Sunday editor and wrote a weekly cricket column aimed straight at the head, called Beamer. He has followed the game closely for five decades, from watching the Nawab of Pataudi execute an elegant sweep on his school cricket ground in Hyderabad to analysing the game from the press box at the Wankhede for his newspaper. He is the author of Master Laster.








Master Laster by Sumit Chakraberty

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Category: Sports
Publisher: Hay House Publishers India

Scores of books have been written about Sachin Tendulkar, but none of them tackles the question that lingers after every possible encomium has been showered on the little master. Just how great was he at winning the game for his team?

Master Laster is a reappraisal of Sachin Tendulkar in the context of his impact on team goals. The resultant portrait is very different from the ones painted by the many gushing books about Tendulkar. Covering a quarter century of Indian cricket, it also brings back to life many a game played during the time that Tendulkar has been around, but from a fresh angle.