Surinder Deol

Surinder’s interest in Ghalib’s poetry, a passion from his early years, led him to translate Divan-e Ghalib, which was published as The Treasure: A Modern Rendition of Ghalib’s Lyrical Love Poetry in 2014. A new revised and expanded edition of the book appeared in 2018. He has also authored a novel titled Endless Life (2012) and a collection of poems A Moment in the Universe (2006). He has translated two classics of Urdu literature penned by Professor Gopi Chand Narang, which were published as Ghalib: Innovative Meanings and the Ingenious Mind (2017) and The Urdu Ghazal: A Gift of India’s Composite Culture (2020). His most recent work SAHIR: A Literary Portrait was published in 2019. He has served as a program manager and a senior specialist at the World Bank in Washington, DC. He lives in Potomac, Maryland.