Suvir Saran

New Delhi-born-and-based culinary authority Suvir Saran is the author of three celebrated cookbooks: Indian Home Cooking, American Masala, and Masala Farm, and the chef-creator of THC, The House of Celeste, a modern Indian restaurant in Gurgaon. His Slice of Life column appears fortnightly in the Sunday Eye magazine of Indian Express, where he shares musings that inspire provocative thinking and raise questions on life and living.

Saran’s approachable style helped demystify Indian cuisine and earned him the first Michelin star awarded to an Indian restaurant in America. His recipes and writings have been featured in many national and international newspapers and magazines.

Saran often uses food as a bridge to bring disparate peoples and groups together. He embraces the universality of cuisine and its ability to heal where there are wounds and transcend borders where politics and history have created divisions. Suvir’s exposure to people from all corners of the world gives him an ease in settings that are bursting with diversity. Having always been the other wherever he has made home, he fits in seamlessly, and with his food he warms hearts, wins minds, brings peace, and makes lasting friendships.

In his fourth book, Instamatic, Suvir shares the inspiration behind his art and his journeys across multiple civilisations, from the land of his birth to the land of his karma. Through the medium of a simple iPhone, he shows us how to broaden our horizons and humanize one another, one image and thought at a time.