Vayu Naidu

Vayu Naidu​ received Europe’s first doctorate in oral traditions and performance Storytelling from The University of Leeds​ 1994​.​ ​Her post-doctoral method was ​awarded the Humanities Faculty Award for teaching and her work with ​ Chennai ​Tsunami survivors in 2005. Her p​lays​ ​for​ BBC Radio 4 are informed by​ her work in Prisons and Battered women’s shelters.​ She was the first Sage-in Residence at Eton College in 2013. Working with classical and contemporary music orchestras with Storytelling, she is now Research Associate at SOAS. ​ ​Her novel Sita’s Ascent was nominated for the Commonwealth Book Award (Penguin:2013). ​Her second​ novel is The Sari of Surya Vilas.