Zac O’Yeah

Zac O’Yeah is best known as the author of the ‘Majestic Trilogy’ of novels – comprising Mr. Majestic! (2012), Hari – a Hero for Hire (2015), and Tropical Detective (2018) – which are set in Bengaluru where he lives. Since his debut in 1995, he has published nineteen books including several fiction and non-fiction bestsellers, as well as contributing quirky stories to nearly a hundred newspapers and magazines the world over (well 98 to be truthful). His writings have been translated into more than twenty languages, included in numerous anthologies – for example The Best Asian Travel Writing 2020 – and also short-listed for literary honours such as the top Swedish award, the August Prize for the Best Nonfiction Book of 2008. He has worked in the pop music business and in theatrical arts as a performer, manager, scriptwriter and composer. His most recent job is as lead vocalist for Swedish cyberpunk-disco orchestra The Ändå.

His book:
Digesting India