A Note from Tarabai by MR Dattathri, translated from the Kannada by Srikanth Udupa

Category: Fiction
Rights: All rights available (excluding Kannada)

A terrorist’s bullet tearing through his thigh, Vikram Jadhav straddles life and death in a New York City hospital. He is also catapulted by conflicting emotions, thoughts of the moral and the immoral, flooded in by his memories. What appeared real earlier seems unreal to him now, at the threshold of death. What felt immoral before, appeals to him now as expressions of the soul free of all dilemma. His close encounter with death lends him a new light to re-evaluate his life and its terrain; truth and untruth swap places like players switch sides in a game of tennis.

“Ranjani, why am I made so? Why do I have my father’s traits and not my mother’s? How do we get these damned traits in the first place? Do they come sticking to the skin or flow in the blood or ride us through our souls? Who has the answers to such questions in this world?”

The author: MR Dattathri
The translator: Srikanth Udupa