A Year of Wednesdays by Sonia Bahl

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Fingerprint!

Two strangers, Seat 7A and Seat 7B, who have nothing in common. Absolutely Nothing. Except they are both hoping the seat next to theirs remains empty.

It doesn’t.

Mid-flight turbulence and infant incontinence force them to interact – the cool Wall Street guy and the mom-with-the-drool-stained-sweater-and-ordinary-aspirations. Blistering wit, opposing views, and some unexpectedly poignant admissions keep them addictively engaged and hopelessly sleep deprived through the fifteen-hour journey.

Touchdown… and they leave the cabin without a backward glance, jumping right back into their dramatically different lives. Never to meet again. But somehow they continue to travel together – interlocked forever through an inexplicable connectedness.

Can one meeting change everything forever? The Japanese have a term for it: Ichi-go ichi-e. One time, one encounter, lasts a lifetime.

The author: Sonia Bahl