But I Like Me: The Making of a Difficult, Picky, and Stubborn Woman—and Why That’s a Good Thing by Aparna Shewakramani

Category: Non-fiction
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The world was introduced to Aparna on Netflix’s hit show Indian Matchmaking, a controversial reality series centered around a jet-setting Indian matchmaker who is hired to help her clients find everlasting love.

Aparna, a Houston-based lawyer, had very specific criteria that her partner had to meet. So, in true reality series form, Aparna was reduced to a character, that of the “difficult” woman.

I knew who I was, and what I wanted in a future life partner—and I was not afraid to ask for it. Nor was I willing to settle for anything less. That kind of decisiveness combined with careful editing spun me into a very specific archetype: the unlikable villain. The too-successful (gasp—an ambitious woman!), picky (having high standards, imagine that!) shrew. The kind of woman who is trolled by haters on the internet. Who is reduced to a meme. A woman you love to hate. An unlikable woman.

But for a lot of viewers—especially young, urban women—Aparna was the best part of the show. Be Like Aparna, her supporters said. After centuries of being told to be meek, quiet and adjusting, Indian women were thrilled to see a person so unapologetic about what she wanted.

The book allows Aparna to tell her own story, breaking free of her character on Indian Matchmaking. Apart from being a unique behind-the-scenes look at one of the most talked-about shows on Netflix in recent times, Aparna’s story also strikes a universal chord—of wanting to be loved just the way you are.

The author: Aparna Shewakramani