Digesting India by Zac O’Yeah

Category: Non-fiction
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Digesting India is a wildly entertaining and highly erudite adventure through the landscapes of Indian culinary art, as explored by Zac O’Yeah, a Scandinavian-origin Indian novelist with a readiness to stomach anything and everything that grows or walks on earth. Well, almost. This book combines the three things that O’Yeah loves most about life – eating, drinking and travelling – in a delightful romp based on 30 years of trying to understand India through its food culture.

This fast-paced story of a traveller’s untiring quest for new cultural and culinary experiences is as intriguing as it is profound, and you might say it captures India in a nutshell – a very big nutshell, a coconut-sized one, at least. Here, we learn about dishes that we may never have heard of before, and food habits we never knew existed, as we follow along on a winding journey through India, from the author’s adopted hometown of Bengaluru, around South India, and through northern India to the country’s north-easternmost parts.

Read it as vicarious fun in your armchair, carry it as an inspiring travel companion when you plan your future adventures, or simply use it to impress your friends with thousands of interesting facts about local foods and the many places they come from.

The author: Zac O’Yeah