Everyday Gita by Sunita Pant Bansal

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Rupa Publications India (forthcoming)

Bhagavadgita is the Universal Truth. It gives us knowledge of the Self and answers two important questions: Who am I? How can I lead a happy and peaceful life?

On the first day of the war of Mahabharat, Arjun faced a dilemma. He had to make a choice between fighting the war and killing his teachers, friends and relatives, or running away from the battlefield for the sake of avoiding violence and preserving peace. Krishna, Arjun’s charioteer, gave him a lecture of seven hundred verses of practical wisdom, known as Bhagavadgita. At the end of which, a confident and decisive Arjun went on to fight, and ultimately won the war.

Arjun’s dilemma was, in reality, the universal dilemma that everyone faces in life while performing their duties. At the core of every dilemma stand the mind and intellect facing each other. The impulsive tendencies of the mind and the self-disciplined thoughts of the intellect fight a battle every day.

Sunita Pant Bansal has condensed the practical wisdom of Krishna’s Bhagavadgita to fit into the 365 days of a calendar, simplifying them and explaining their essence in today’s context. Everyday Gita shows how to conquer our dilemmas and lead a happy, peaceful and successful life.

The author: Sunita Pant Bansal