Forged by Flame by Sujata Srinivasan

Category: Non Fiction 
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Pioneering pediatrician Dr. Rachel Chacko was raised in the 1920s by a mother who chewed tobacco to curb her hunger, and a father who shattered social norms by spurring his daughter to study medicine. Dr. Chacko graduated in the first all-women M.B.B.S. batch from the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, and went on to establish a hugely successful private practice in Chennai. A mezzo soprano and a tennis player, Dr. Chacko married the world-renowned venereologist Dr. C.W. Chacko and sought the power of faith and community to anchor her amidst unthinkable personal tragedies.

Forged by Flame examines Dr. Chacko’s life in the context of women in medicine – patriarchy and misogyny, the role of the Kerala Syrian Christian community in women’s empowerment, the influence of missionaries in educating women, the cultivation of a mind and heart suited to embrace medicine as a calling, and the meaning of a purpose-driven life. This is the story of all our mothers and grandmothers and the women before them who bore the earth on their backs so that others could contribute their intellect and passion in a wider sphere.

The author:  Sujata Srinivasan