How Not to Get Eaten by a Cat by Neha Gajwani

Category: Non-fiction
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After years of feeling the steady peck of anxiety every time my friendships didn’t feel like they were at their most exciting, I got bored of semi-satisfying relationships. I wanted to feel enthralled, appreciated, and comfortable. I decided to look into connection: what it actually is, what happens in our bodies when we don’t get it, and how humans actually start to feel closer to each other. With a frantic weave of my story and research, I start to answer the question: how can we feel closer to our friends, partners, and families? How Not to Get Eaten by a Cat is a thoughtful exploration for anyone searching for answers about the real-life issue of disappointing interactions. From the author’s own first-hand experiences, in-the-field experiments, and experts’ wisdom, you’ll discover:

  • Surprising differences between how different genders view relationships
  • Why people might cheat and what to do about it
  • Thirty illustrations to help ease anxiety
  • The causes of heartache and how it affects our bodies
  • What it will take to bring you and your loved ones closer together, and much more.

The author: Neha Gajwani