Justice Vikram by Sunita Pant Bansal

Category: Fiction
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Justice Vikram is philosophically based on centuries-old Indian legend of Vikram Vetaal. The two lead characters are Vikram, a well-known judge and Doot, an angel of death.

Justice Vikram’s time on earth is over, but Doot offers him a deal. Vikram has to solve some complicated cases. If Doot approves his verdict, Vikram gets a fresh lease of life… till Doot gives him another tough case. The deal is, if Vikram is unable to reach the right verdict, he has to leave with Doot.

The cases are based on actual criminal cases with unusual verdicts, where the perception of justice is different from the textbook definition of justice. Justice as we know it is behaving within certain parameters set by society, which constitutes the law. But is that real justice? Because what may seem right to one person may seem wrong to another.

The criminal cases in this book have multiple facets, as the witnesses narrate the story from their own perspectives. Vikram explores those facets to reach the genesis of the crime, since the source of the crime is also the source of justice. Therefore, Vikram’s judgment, though seems bizarre at times, is always correct.

Nothing is black and white in life; there are lots of grey areas. The author explores those grey areas through the protagonist’s own life, which actually mirrors the cases he’s passing judgment on. And while doing so, Justice Vikram revisits his relationships and unravels the knots that have bound him to life. What would be his final verdict on himself?

The author: Sunita Pant Bansal