Life Bites: An Introvert’s Attempts at Eating His Way to Happiness by Varud Gupta

Category: Non-fiction
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Battling a bout of depression, Varud tendered his resignation at work, packed everything he could into a backpack, and booked a one-way flight to Argentina. This book takes us through his attempts at eating his way through the culinary cultures of the world to fill the giant hole in him with food. From experiences working the grills in Argentina, bartending in Peru, teaching English in a French Culinary school, and generally spying in household kitchens, along with a barrage of quirky characters from Internet Lovers to Icelandic Weed Dealers, he comes to learn (hopefully) a thing or two about life and living along the way. Think: Eat, Pray, Love or Kitchen Confidential – except deeply rooted in introverted perspectives, nerdy asides, and when possible, truthfully genuine interactions with the people met across the globe.

The author: Varud Gupta