Maverick Messiah: A Political Biography of NTR by Ramesh Kandula

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India (forthcoming)
Rights: Translation rights available for Indian and International languages

Ramesh Kandula in his book explores the political career of the film star who challenged the mighty Indira Gandhi and knocked out the one-party rule in Andhra. A patriot to the core, Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao brought in many changes in the state and was surrounded by several controversies. The book focuses on how the politician forced the center to reinstate him as the chief minister and bucked the national trend by raising his regional party as the largest opposition group in the parliament for the first time in Indian history. 

NTR was a man of fascinating contradictions. He was a commanding personality but resorted to baffling theatrics and bewildering sartorial predilections. An outwardly religious person, he was staunchly secular. He was a man of no known ideological persuasion and was able to come up with his brand of populism and an enunciated doctrine on Centre-State relations.

The author: Ramesh Kandula