Midnight Years by Jane De Suza and Sangita Unni 

Category: YA Fiction/Non-Fiction
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent)

An eleventh-grade party triggers an unraveling string of events, as told in the voices of the 4 main protagonists – urban, well-educated teens – who battle with issues too dark for them to make sense of. AK, who feels the least-prized among his wealthy parents’ possessions. Ruhi, smothered with so much parental love that she breaks away in the most destructive way possible. Sharad, who staggers beneath the burden of being a topper, and the only hope of his single mother. Alisha, who will do anything to escape the mediocrity of her background, even if it is killing her.

The choices they make draw them further into whirlpools of doubt, trauma and insecurity. Circumstances rush manically to breaking point.

These aren’t exceptions. These are archetypal teens. Beneath the need to look ‘cool’, are the doubts they have no way of coping with. Bringing out the intense pressure that our teens today reel under – raises the question – are our youngsters destroying themselves, or do we adults do that for them?

The book uses a smattering of introspective questions in the voices of the 4 teens, answered by a practicing psychologist in the latter part of the book – to find understanding (for both teens and their parents/ teachers) and through that, to offer a glimmer of hope, and of coping. And most importantly, to demonstrate the power of choice.

Sangita Unni has a Masters in psychology from Bombay university and is a certified counselor from Parivarthan, Bangalore. She has an advance training certification in counselling children and adolescents. She has been a practicing counselor for 10 years. Her approach to her clients is based on Satir principles and person-centric

The authors: Jane De Suza and Sangita Unni