Prisoner’s Dilemma by Vish Dhamija

Category: Fiction
Publisher: Pan Macmillan India (forthcoming)

Bipin Desai and Anuj Shastri are two friends whose lives are as aimless as they are pointless. Together they concoct a plan to rob a van full of cash. To their delight they get away with the loot over one crore rupees. However, the police aren’t as incompetent as they had imagined. They are arrested within days, but the police are unable to find the cash.

Prisoner’s Dilemma is a simple yet extremely successful approach used by interrogators around the world. Senior Inspector Arfy Khan offers separate deals—from a relaxed sentence to a complete pardon—to both the friends in an effort to turn one against the other, and consequently give up the loot. Bipin and Anuj, it seems, refuse to betray each other.

Arfy has forty-eight hours to convince one of them to go against the other. The two friends only have to keep their calm, to keep the cash. Moreover, Arfy is a clumsy, absent-minded character, and the suspects have already got lawyers.

But there is one obstacle: Arfy isn’t allowing the two friends or their lawyers to see or talk to each other.

The author: Vish Dhamija