Soul Mantra by Sadguru Ramesh ji

Category: Non-fiction
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“It’s complicated.” That’s how most of us would describe our lives, not realising that it’s due to our own thoughts, notions and actions that life seems difficult and complicated. Essential aspects of life such as our desires, ambitions, happiness, emotions, love and relations which are meant to make our lives blissful become the very reason for our miseries, if not dealt with full awareness and great care. This book discusses these everyday concepts in an interesting and detailed manner and throws light on how desires liberate us, about the x-factor of life, the strange relation between happiness and sorrow, the universal language of love, significance of harmony in relationships and much more.

The insights and practical tips provided using real-life instances, scenarios, examples and anecdotes make it relatable to readers of every age and leave them with the beautiful gift of broadened perspective. Before moving to higher spiritual concepts such as law of karma, illusions, role of destiny and efforts, relevance of dreams, use of free-will, need for surrender and importance of a Guru; the author introduces us to Atman, Soul or Consciousness present within each one of us, makes us understand its deep nexus with our existence and shows us how this awareness could be the turning point of our lives.

So, whether you are a spiritual seeker, a novice, a youngster, a curious reader, in need of new perspectives, or a person desiring to lead an uncomplicated, enlightened and blissful life – this comprehensive guide has got you covered. The easy to understand language and lucid explanation will not only help you understand its essence with ease, but also will make you feel that Soul Mantra has been written, handpicked and customized just for you.

The author: Sadguru Ramesh ji