Soul Selfie: How to Click into Your Real Self by Sadguru Rameshji

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Fingerprint!
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A soul has infinite potential powers, equivalent to the powers of the cosmos and universal energies… but by virtue of identifying itself with a finite physical body its powers get restricted.

Our physical existence is neither the start of our life’s journey nor its end. All our sorrows, fears, anxiety, and stress crop up only when we associate ourselves with our physical body. But once we become aware of our existence as a soul, separate from the physical form, we start living a completely different life—full of energy, positivity, love, and joy.

This book, Soul Selfie, reveals the secrets of living a soulful existence independent of the body by covering two aspects of spiritual journey—one proves the independent existence of the soul and the second chronicles the personal journey of the author in his experimentation with the soul, including an out-of-body astral travel experience.

Filled with easy-to-understand stories, anecdotes, personal experiences, and practical tips, Soul Selfie is a work of spiritual guidance that will help one transcend their physical existence and unleash their true potential by identifying themselves with their immortal soul.

The author: Sadhguru Rameshji