SuperZero and the Grumpy Ghosts by Jane De Suza

Category: Children’s Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Book 2 of the SuperZero series

The second caper of this hilarious, popular series has feisty gritty little SuperZero walk smack into ghosts who are terrorizing the local mall. Meet the looniest ghosts ever – screeching singers who steal mannequins, old buffalo-riders and even ghosts who are afraid of ghosts. The supporting cast of whackos – Anna Conda, Vamp Iyer, Tara RumPum – all play their role in creating even more hysterics. The superhero kids try their best to send the ghosts home, and as the action gets more nail-biting and rib-tickling, you’ll find yourself half-hoping the ghosts don’t disappear because then the book will end.

The author: Jane De Suza