SuperZero by Jane De Suza

Category: Children’s Fiction
Publisher: Penguin Random House India
Book 1 of the SuperZero series

Meet a superhero who flies and crashes, smashes into invisible objects, and even loses his briefs on Day 1. That’s 10-year-old SuperZero, the gritty, grumpy kid who is destined to become a superhero but phew, is it an uphill task! Especially with all the other super kids in Supehero school – like Vamp Iyer, the vampire who drinks only milk, Anna Conda – the snake girl and Masterror, the scary ole master. An absolute romp – this children’s book – through the adventures, trials and howlers of SuperZero as he goes about trying hard to save the world. Will he find his super powers? Will he find his briefs? Will you be able to stop laughing long enough to find out?

The author: Jane De Suza