The 2020 Official Millennial Field Guide (OMFG) by Anonymous Millennials (AM’s)

Category: Non-fiction
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If you’re one of the millions of ambitious, charismatic millennials with a unique story who’ve been unfairly categorized, dreams instantly shut down, told you’re too young, and called lazy, impatient or naive by the Big Bad Realist Gen X’er or Baby Boomer: keep reading. The 2020 OMFG is the perfect antidote to being chronically misunderstood, a laugh-out-loud filed guide that satirically salutes the millennial-tastic daily habits, trends and interests. OMFG places everything from the millennial culture into plain sight so the rest of the world can look on and bask in its unforgettable singularity. Pause the binge-worthy Netflix series, finish your avocado toast, order your Uberselect, and explore a first-of-its-kind satirical field guide on the various subcultures of the millennial generation. OMFG celebrates the cohorts of the millennial generation that whole-heartedly embrace an outrageous public selfie gone wrong, one Insta-Snap-Tweet too many, or ‘adulting’ on a budget. Now that’s so millennial.

The author: Anonymous Millennials (AM’s)