The Definitive Vegetarian by Rashmi Uday Singh

Category: Non-fiction
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This is not just a collection of the most prized and rare recipes from the world’s greatest chefs but an encapsulation of the exuberant flavours, fragrances and textures of the single-most exciting international food ‘ism’ that has been quietly sweeping over the world—vegetarianism. To serve it up to you, I feast my way through the world, pull out all the stops, peel away all misconceptions.

This will be the first book to track the explosion of this new green cuisine worldwide. Each chapter overturns all expectations by discovering a hidden world of astonishing vegetarian cuisine—from rogue chefs cooking in secret gardens to Michelin superstars. All tied together with stories about how I did whatever it took to discover the best veggie fare, whether it was climbing up to Machu Picchu in Peru or lunching with an eccentric baron in Paris!

This book provides you a backstage pass to experience the chef’s dominion as you’ve never seen it before. You’ll get an adventurous tour of cities like Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, Lima, Moscow, Madrid and Berlin, all perceived to be far from vegetarian friendly.

The author: Rashmi Uday Singh