The Divining Thread by Anjum Choudhury

Category: Fiction
Rights: All rights available

Zarene is about to marry the prince of Shandrabad. Gracious, poised and proper, she has all the makings of the perfect princess, and can only be faulted for her fixation on dressmaking. When an encounter with a ghagra that divines the future ruins her plans of becoming a princess, she makes it her sole purpose in life to find its maker and become their apprentice.

Knowledge of the dressmaker’s whereabouts is not easy to come by. The ghagra shows Zarene glimpses of the future, but does not tell her how it all comes to pass. There are clues pointing to a woman, a creature descended from paradise, known to mortal men as the Haur. But how does one track down a mythical figure?

Puzzling the pieces together, Zarene befriends a young drifter with a terrible secret, travels to distant lands and braves the unknown. The price for her heart’s desires is steep and the fate awaiting her is more than she ever bargained for.

The author: Anjum Choudhary