The Handbook of Emotions by Pragati Sureka

Category: Non-fiction
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The Handbook of Emotions is a practical tool for those over the age of 14 who are interested in developing the skills of handling their emotions. People who are struggling with professional or relationship issues, especially ones that they find difficult to discuss (like emotional unavailability, manipulative or abusive dynamics in marriages or families, sibling rivalry, parenting, intimacy, etc.) will benefit from reading this book.

People often try to deal with emotions without decoding it. They think, why bother understanding something as basic and common as fear or love? Unfortunately, it is difficult to handle overwhelming emotions that are not understood comprehensively or are not expressed lucidly.

This self-help book is a much-needed resource for having better mental health. It focuses on helping readers learn simple, practical ways to handle their emotions. It is interspersed with anecdotes and based on a vivid Indian socio-cultural which makes the book unique. The DIY element of it makes the book fun, easy to grasp and extremely useful. As the reader goes through the book, I hope to see them getting more comfortable in their own skin and learning emotional regulation.

The author: Pragati Sureka