The Light of the Moon: The Legacy of Xuanzang of Tang by Pawo Choyning Dorji

Category: Non-fiction
Rights: All rights available (excluding China)

“My son, where are you going?” she asks. The man stops, looks at her, and with a look filled with compassion says, “Mother, I am going away. I am going to seek the nectar of truth.” He leaves his mother who is overwhelmed by a mix of emotions: Sorrow at her son leaving and journeying into the unknown, and pride at his confidence and determination. The next day at first light, everything is white and calm. Even the screams of a woman bringing new life into the world are muffled. There is silence and stillness.

In that moment arrives the new life, as white as the year’s first snowfall. He arrives with clenched fists, a sign of sheer determination. He is Chen Yi, destined to walk thousands of miles in his lifetime in search of the Truth.

The author: Pawo Choyning Dorji