The Midnight Years by Jane De Suza, Sangita Unni 

Category: Non-fiction
Publisher: Hachette India
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent)

Teenage anxiety is an epidemic the world is waking up to. This enthralling, fast-paced story is peppered with questions in the teens’ own voices, addressed later in a non-fiction section by a psychologist.

An eleventh-grade party triggers an explosive string of events, as narrated by the 4 main protagonists – urban, educated teens, battling their own fears. The class topper crushed under expectations of others. The girl on a self-destructive spree because no one understands her. Another who escapes from the smothering of parental love to something far more dangerous. And the boy who has everything and yet, crashes.

These aren’t exceptions, just normal teens. In understanding what hurls them into whirpools of terror, or helps them claw their way out, teen readers find their own answers. About choices. And finding that glimmer somewhere, even on the darkest night.

The authors: Jane De Suza and Sangita Unni