The Mole by Vish Dhamija

Category: Fiction
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Raj Hirani, Founder and CEO of Oval Technologies is about to make an announcement to the Board that the company has made a significant breakthrough, which will leapfrog it miles ahead of its arch rival Metric Solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. It is as much a professional victory for Hirani as a personal one. Hirani’s never hated anyone like he abhors Ashok Singhania, the CEO of Metric Solutions who fired Hirani years ago.

Hirani recruited Vinod Mehra as a mole in Metric Solutions months ago and the infiltrator has delivered the detailed plans that Singhania has been working on for the past two years.

Hirani has also hired Gautam Bhandari who was unceremoniously fired by Singhania to work on the schematic Bhandari is well versed with due to his work at Metric.

This is payback time for Singhania. But when Hirani gets up to present his latest breakthrough to the Board, his wet dream turns into his scariest nightmare. The door to the Board Room is flung open and Singhania marches in with the police to arrest Hirani for stealing Intellectual Property.

How can something so meticulously planned go so wrong?

The author: Vish Dhamija