The Pizza Man by Ajay Kaul

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For a chawal, roti or dosai eating country, fast food was largely alien till 1995. Then came pizza and burger and amongst them, the Domino’s Pizza. Within the next couple of decades, Domino’s Pizza was not only a household name across the length and breadth of India, but also the most popular fast food in the country. Today, Indians eat Domino’s Pizza more than any other country and the store network is the largest in the world (outside of USA).


  • What endeared Domino’s Pizza to Indians from Bihar to Rajasthan?
  • How and why has India become the largest Domino’s market, which no other global consumer brand has been able to achieve?
  • What does it take to scale up in a country like India (1200+ stores in 275+ towns and cities)?
  • Why does Gorakhpur hold the record for pizza eating?
  • While achieving scale, how does one build a brand strategically, with sharp positioning, execution excellence and consumer obsessiveness?
  • How do you build a company which for a decade was rated amongst the best in people practices (best employer), brand building, leadership and culture creation?
  • How did “30 minutes or free” create a revolution in the formation of delivery as a concept, laying the foundation of today’s delivery eco-system?
  • What makes Domino’s Pizza IPO (Jubilant Foodworks) the best IPO in the 2010-20 decade?

To get answers to these questions and insights into one of the most visible and successful brands in India, is this book by Ajay Kaul who was the CEO of the company for twelve years from 2005- 2017. The book endeavours to encapsulate all learning’s coming out of the life of Ajay Kaul, with special focus on his journey with Domino’s brand.

The author: Ajay Kaul