The Psychology of a Patriot by Saket Suman

Category: Non-fiction 
Publisher: Rupa Publications
Right: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent) 

Most of us feel safe to identify ourselves as a patriot but often forget that whether patriotism is used to free nations from colonial forces or create and sustain fascism. All forms of patriotism share similar psychological dynamics. At the heart of destructive conflicts across the world that are misusing and exploiting the force of patriotism.

The Psychology of a Patriot addresses psychological dimensions of patriotism and will help a lay reader understand the term afresh by dispelling the myths around patriotism. Who is a patriot? Is there a rulebook that makes you a patriot? How do politicians exploit patriotism? The book will address these questions apart from showing why these feelings can be so intense, why it feels good to be a patriot and if there is a ‘bad’ patriot? The modern reader will also learn whether he or she is more vulnerable to feelings of patriotism because of a breakdown of social safety nets, including family, a capitalist economy and the link with the nature of work. The book will also draw parallels with other beliefs that work like patriotism.

The author: Saket Suman