The Unmarriageable Man by Ashok Ferrey (Forthcoming)

Category: Fiction
PublisherPenguin Random House India
Rights:World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent, and translation rights for Sinhalese)

Growing up, Sanjay de Silva never knew his English mother. When his Sri Lankan father dies he decides to visit England – for no other reason than that his father has always prevented him from doing so. It is late in the year, 1980. Sanjay arrives in London to find that real estate is the national obsession, the Tulip Fever of the age. He becomes the only Asian builder in one of its most violent parts, Brixton – where the black inhabitants are fast being replaced by young white yuppies, where every girl looks like Princess Diana though not every boy looks like Prince Charles. 

But all is not well in that first house he buys. 

At night there are voices . . .

 A novel about grief and how each one of us copes in our own inimitable way, often running directly against the grain of received wisdom. How, as Sanjay is about to find out, ‘grief is only the transmutation of love, of the very same chemical composition – liquid, undistilled – the one inevitably turning to the other like ice to water.’

The author: Ashok Ferrey