To Dance in a Hurricane by Kartik Dattani

Category: Fiction
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One murder. Four witnesses. One relentless assassin.

The serene, moonlit banks of the Sabine river in Texas turn into a horrific memory for four unrelated people; a psychiatrist, a former secret agent, an Italian mob boss, and a drug peddler who turn accidental witnesses the murder of a man in possession of a very important secret. What was said, and to whom? His killer; the relentless assassin and her spy organisation, Adrisht, now hellbent on finding out.

Aryan Chauhan, the psychiatrist, and Veer Pratap Singh, the former agent team up to save themselves from their predator, Father Antonio Alvares – the no-nonsense warden of Adrisht. Another of the priest’s primary objectives is the pursuit of legendary ghost-entity who goes by the name of Henry Lisle, who is also rumoured to be in possession of an even more mysterious, but very much sought-after item called the Black Rose.

Information is the new-age drug, where everyone, every single person is an addict. We know what we know, and we cannot know something we have no idea about. Who is Henry Lisle?  What or who is the Black Rose? What did the dying man disclose to the four witnesses on that ill-fated night at the banks of the Sabine? What connects the dots?

To Dance in a Hurricane is a tale of a death-wishing merry-go-round of people, each masquerading their way to quench a thirst to know. Thereon ensues a domino sequence of events; a spark that turns into a wildfire set in motion at the banks of the Sabine. Every person believes he or she is the one who hold the aces, and each one will do what it takes to know it all. What everyone is oblivious about is the sheer existence of that one final piece of the puzzle, the force behind; the unseen, unheard, unknown master of the game who sees it all, knows it all and is lurking in the dark, patiently waiting…

The author: Kartik Dattani