Tropic of Crisis by Arati Kumar Rao

Publisher: Pan Macmillan India
Rights: World Rights

Driven by a frenzied hunger for growth, India is re-engineering her landscape in the name of development: damming and diverting rivers, mining deserts, building over marshes, and auctioning off grasslands. Such interventions and changes in land-use come with land acquisition, deforestation, and destruction of ecosystems which leads, in turn, to loss of biodiversity, changes in access to water, erosion, flooding, desertification, droughts, and dire ecosystem-wide effects like a gradual — or sometimes brutal — loss of habitat. This relentless need for energy and land endangers fragile landscapes and threatens biodiversity as well as local, traditional livelihoods. None of this is particular to one geography within India or to one type of landscape. The threats to wild places are far-reaching and widespread. Through a series of essays — postcards from wild places with a few photographs in each, the book focuses on the fates of a few wild places in the shadow of man, and suggests a different land ethic for their possible preservation. 

The author: Arati  Kumar Rao