Turds of Gold by Jugal Mody

Category: Fiction
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India (forthcoming)

Bombay suffers from a severe gastric epidemic of inexplicable origins. A young freelance caregiver, Nikunj, discovers that he has the superpower to make anyone poop, and with that poop, cure that person of any stomach ailments. Nikunj starts helping people and making money using his superpower. Things go well till Kalpeshbhai, a billionaire paraplegic, enters the picture.

Kalpeshbhai is one of the Sheth brothers who own the Ayurvedic company that manufactures Param Churna, India’s bestselling cure for constipation. The tragic irony is that Kalpeshbhai himself hasn’t pooped in over two decades. Kalpeshbhai hires Nikunj to use his powers to help him poop. Turds of Gold tells the story of what happens in the lives of Nikunj, Kalpeshbhai, their families and their friends.

The author: Jugal Mody