Untitled Work by Dr Mukesh Batra

Category: Non-fiction/ Memoir
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Part memoir, part professional guidebook for aspiring homeopaths and business founders, this engagingly narrated tale begins with Dr Batra’s childhood in Agra, where he lived with his grandparents. He missed his father and mother, who were both doctors and busy building their careers in Lucknow. At an early age, Dr Batra learnt to cope with difficult situations.

The book then moves to Dr Batra’s boyhood and college years, spent in Bombay, where he was finally reunited with his family. Thereon, it tells us how a shy young man grew to become India’s most famous homeopath, and later a media personality and successful entrepreneur. It is a story rich in anecdotes and wisdom, which will entertain as well as educate.

Dr Mukesh Batra’s life has been eventful on the personal as well as professional fronts. For decades, he has treated celebrities and the common people of India without discrimination. He has created one of India’s leading homeopathy brands. Along the way, he defied death on multiple occasions. He has known love and heartache. He sings and he photographs. Almost every phase of Dr Batra’s life has lessons which would benefit readers from any sphere of activity.

The author: Dr Mukesh Batra