Whisper in the Wind by Venita Coelho

Category: Fiction
Publisher (Indian subcontinent): Westland Books
Publisher (South-east Asia): Penguin Random House India (forthcoming)
Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent and Southeast Asia)

All the stories in the world are whispered in the wind. Listen! And the wind will blow one into your head.

In Whisper in the Wind, a wind wandering through the ruins of an old church blows a letter into the path of a writer in search of a story. Laboriously written, the letter begs Sara to come home to her sister, Alice. Deeply moved, Jai Mehta promises the little orphan girl, Alice, that he will help find her sister, Sara, who has been missing for five years. Jai is a reluctant detective. He has had to hold a knife to his wrist to get his family to allow him one chance at his dream, and all he wants to do is finish writing his book. But, the story his promise leads him to is darker and more intriguing that any he could have dreamed of writing. Searching for one missing servant girl leads him into a tangled tale of loyalty and deceit. And of a love that has endured beyond the grave.

Set in Portuguese-ruled Goa, this haunting tale brings the touch of the Gothic to a mystery that involves a girl with the voice of an angel, a violin that plays the sorrows of the heart, and the bond between two friends who swear that not even death will do them apart.

The author: Venita Coelho