A list of newly-released books by Siyahi’s authors

Big Feller by Ashok Ferrey

Category: Fiction Rights: All rights available Having loathed him for much of his life, Sanjay de Silva finds himself awash with unexpected grief at the death of his father. ‘Of course you will now think of going abroad,’ says an old matron at the funeral. Abroad is the Great White Shark swimming out there: and …

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Malabarica by Pranay Lal

Category: Non-fiction Publisher: Penguin Random House India Few places in the Indian subcontinent have inspired the imagination of civilised man as the Malabar Coast. The earliest traders had sought the riches that came from the Malabar region; missionaries tried to establish religion among the natives; and sea farers and explorers rested in its ports and …

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Operation X by Sandeep Unnithan and Captain MNR Samant (forthcoming)

Category: Non-fiction Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers India Rights: World rights available (excluding Indian subcontinent) Operation X is the explosive account behind one of India’s largest covert wars, written by one of its principal architects. It encompassed a series of operations directed by the Indian Navy against the maritime jugular of the Army garrison in erstwhile East …

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Ramayana versus Mahabharata: My Playful Analysis by Devdutt Pattanaik (forthcoming)

Category: Mythology Publisher: Rupa Publications Rights: Indian and international language rights available (excluding translation rights for Hindi) Ramayana is idealistic while Mahabharata is realistic. Everyone says that. Yet these two great Hindu epics have identical building blocks, identical structure, identical themes, and identical history. This book unravels this mystery.