Literary Events

Siyahi has had a long history of conceptualising, programming, promoting and producing large scale Literary Events. Starting from Translating Bharat: Language, Globalisation and the Right to be Read, Siyahi has successfully pulled off many events like Mantles of Myth: The Narrative in Indian Textiles, Writers’ Chain: Found in Translations, Voices from the North-East, Commonwealth Writers’ Prize 2010, Lit for Life, the Hindu’s Festival of Literature 2011Patna Literature Festival 2013-14, Noir Literature Festival 2015-17Mountain Echoes Literary Festival 2010-19, Woman Up! Summit 2017-19, the Write Circle series, the Universe Writes series, the Soul Connect series and many others.

At Siyahi, we consider creative programming as an integral part of our work profile. Our aim in such endeavours is to provide something for everyone. We try to maintain a fine balance between giving a platform to emerging voices, women writers and established names. Our portfolio goes beyond just literature and links together various aesthetic and artistic fields such as dance, cinema, music, textiles et cetera. We have a special interest in regional works and mythology and we actively promote the oral traditions that are the living history of our ancient civilization.