Our authors have kept us on our toes with their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (and in some cases, the 50th) works!

We now have over 150 authors on our list, and we do our best to ensure that the only part of publishing they need to worry about is their writing. And as we continue to work with our existing authors, we retain our unflagging drive to find promising new voices. This means that we generally have to deal with an avalanche of submissions.

To ensure that we only give you our best, we are reducing the number of fiction manuscripts we screen. We will only accept fiction submissions for five days from 10th-15th of each month.

This applies only to fiction manuscripts coming from new authors and we will continue to accept all submissions from our existing authors round the clock.

We’re very interested in NON-FICTION, so there will be no limit on manuscripts of this genre that are submitted to us. As before, we do not look at poetry and short story submissions.

We will also continue to offer our professional assessment and editing services, without any new conditions. Thank you for your continuing support!

The submission should be e-mailed to or

Please send only the first three chapters as a single word document, font size 14, double spaced. If we like what we read, we will ask for the complete manuscript. We do not accept complete manuscripts as submissions at the first stage.

The sample chapters should be accompanied with a synopsis of the complete narrative and a brief profile of the author. We accept only complete, clean and proofread documents.

Please note that we will respond within twelve to fourteen weeks of receiving your submission, and are unable to offer detailed feedback if we do not wish to take it on.

Please do let us know if you have simultaneously submitted your work to any other literary agent or publishing house.


If you would like to have your manuscript professionally assessed or edited, you could avail of our manuscript services. Please note that taking on an assessment or edit does not ensure we will eventually represent the work. We will make that decision only on reading the final manuscript.

Please note that we charge in advance, and deliver assessments and edits three months from the day the payment is received.

Our assessment service includes a detailed evaluation of the manuscript for plot and pacing, character development, language and phrasing, marketability, and overall narrative strength. The assessment charge is based on the word count of the complete manuscript.

Our editing service includes a detailed edit of the manuscript and is done with changes tracked, so it is entirely up to the author to accept or reject our edits. The manuscript is edited for language, phrasing and grammar, pruned for length and repetitiveness, and the plot, character development and narrative are creatively assessed. The editing charge is based on the page count of the complete manuscript.

If you wish to have your manuscript assessed or edited, please write to or with your manuscript in MS Word format, font size 14, double spaced.